Greatness is in you…unleash it.

Greatness is in you…unleash it.

There are several ways to live and make an impact in your sphere of influence. Overcoming one challenge most people are running away from is one of your tickets to achieving this goal.

If greatness in any sphere of endeavour is easy, then the attainment of the venture will cease to connote any sense of greatness. God has invested the seed of greatness in us. His Word says, “Greater is He than is in you than he that is in the world.” Great things have been achieved in the world. But Earth is yet to see the ‘greater’ things which God is about to manifest through His sons.

I believe, what has been stalling this manifestation is that, at the first sign of hardship or a challenge, most people slip back into their comfort zone, expecting another person to burn the candle at both ends. Greatness is usually commensurate to the obstacle an individual is willing to surmount in the fulfilment of purpose.

Greatness suggests that there is a problem you are willing to devote your life, resources, and time to solve. It means you are willing to focus and be committed to an endeavour, excluding all other distractions. It indicates that there is a vision you have seen and that you will stop at nothing to see the manifestation of the ‘unseen’ revealed thereof. It means there is a cause you are willing to invest your energy and your potential into despite personal fear you may perceive.

The sum total of greatness is that you become a rare solution-provider in your area of influence. This is because you are willing to go the extra mile when most people are scared to even begin the journey.

God is preparing a core set of people who will literally operate with the mind and precision of God. They will be so much in sync with God’s purpose that they will think, feel, and act in a most unprecedented way. Challenges that have been viewed as ‘impossible,’ they will neutralise. This is because they have a possibility mindset. They tune in into the Father and carry out precisely what they see Him do. They go about their daily responsibilities with the chief aim of seeking and expanding the kingdom. They make incredible advances that can be likened to quantum leaps. All these are possible because they have come to the awareness of the greater One that is resident in them, and they have decided to be one with the Almighty.

Which area of life do you want to have the most impact? I love to hear from you. Please leave some comments.


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