Look beyond the obvious.

Look beyond the obvious.


I’d like to share an idea with you from one of the books I recently came across.

The ideas in this book are quite transformative…yes! transformative in the sense that they are life-changing to the extent to which you practice them. I have come to realise that ideas are worth their weight in gold only when put into action, otherwise they are only as valuable as the space they occupy in our minds.

Here we go:


“If you want to accelerate your rate of achievement rapidly, you must search out and vigorously employ new behaviours.”  – Price Pritchett (You2)

This idea underscores the fact that unconventional results require unconventional approaches.

Mark (author of the gospel according to Mark, in the Bible) records the story of some four guys that needed to get a healing transformation for one of their friends who was suffering from paralysis. Jesus is in the house…they need to get their friend to Him!

The traditional approach (common methods used by everyone) is to ‘politely’ access whoever is in a house through the use of the entrance a.k.a the door. However, because these guys came a bit too late on the scene, they could not use the typical way. The fact that their friend needed a miracle was not enough a reason for the crowd to make a way for them. In the same vein, you need to understand that the fact that you need a breakthrough or a miracle, does not mean the world will stop and honour your sincere demand. You need to think and act differently. You need to vigorously seek new behaviours and strategies to ensure your breakthrough…yes! like taking off the roof! (Please don’t ask me who will pay for the repairs!)

Most people are used to ‘looking’ at the obvious. But for you, you may need to set aside a time daily or weekly to begin to exercise the skill of seeking out what may indeed be there but not be so obvious to others. You may need to reorganise existing elements to create something new. You may need to borrow an insight from other domains of life to leverage your area of influence. In other words, you may need to seek out unconventional approaches or methods to get (un)conventional results.

Most people keep turning back when they get to the ‘door’ to discover that there are many people like them trying to access their big break or breakthrough (…I know, some people are just spectators with no real intent on accessing the power of the Divine). The majority simply look for and follow the obvious. Following the obvious becomes a trap for some. That is, their old, tired, and worn out approach to doing things becomes the cog in the wheel of their progress. David (the main writer of the book of Psalms) says, “Open my eyes that I may see wondrous things out of your law.” There are amazing things – doors, opportunities, prospects, leads, untapped potentials, gifts, talents etc. – waiting to be taken advantage of by anyone who is willing to look beyond the obvious.

Why don’t you try this exercise:

1. Set aside some good time on a given day as suggested earlier

2. Look inwards and around beyond the obvious, generate some ‘insane’ ideas

3. Write them down

4. Pick a day and a time you can regularly work on at least one of your ideas. Work out the next step you can take in the direction of making this idea a reality

5. ACT: Act decisively. Commit to the new behaviour. Thank God constantly for the courage to execute.

I ‘d love to hear from you. Kindly drop me some comments.

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