What outcome are you really expecting?

What outcome are you really expecting?

perception-of-time-egg-or-chicken.jpgI‘m not certain where you are on your journey to discovering who you are or unlocking your innate potential. But one thing I know is that your expectations and findings are determined by your beliefs about yourself, God, and the world you live in.

Your expectations about people, work, play, and life are created by what you believe to be true (or in some cases, false). For instance, if you believe, “Today is gonna be a good day,” you will expect and see the good in yourself and your interaction with people and situations. Your optimism will ooze through your upbeat posture – the result of which you get more people reflecting back to you a positive attitude.

Just to remind you, your attitude is the way you view life. It is your perspective on people and things – your way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in your behaviour. It is your general mental slant and the expression of your ‘private world’ of thoughts and feelings. To get an idea of your attitude, become aware of what you say, or your reaction when you give an opinion. Otherwise, what’s your response when there is an incredible challenge to be overcome?… when things are not going as planned?… when a loss seem inevitable?…when you face uncertainty? Is your outlook empowering or disempowering in these situations?

We all face challenges every day. But there is evidence that people with positive attitude and expectations intentionally see the good in people and situation – even the not so good situations. In other words, you get what you expect. So based on this, why don’t you begin to be intentional and manufacture your own empowering expectations!

Find below 7 power statements I consistently use to renew my mind:

  1. Because my attitude is determined by my expectations, I choose to approach life today with a positive attitude.
  2. I have a disposition of confidence.
  3. I see possibilities all around me.
  4. I expect to be successful.
  5. All things work together for my good.
  6. I attract into my life people, ideas, and situations in harmony with my goals.
  7. I enjoy a continuous flow of unconditional love from God.

So what are your expectations about yourself, your relationships, your career, the future? The reactions and results you get today are largely dependent on your attitude and your expectations. Let the odds align in your favour!


The article above is for people who want to live a normal life. If you want to lead a supernatural life of greatness, in addition to the above, you have to learn to expect the unexpected from God. The kind of stuff about which most people would say to you, “You must be out of your mind.” Indeed, you are ‘out of your mind,’ and in the mind of God – thinking His thoughts and expecting His outcomes.

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