Are you ready to step on to the big stage?

Are you ready to step on to the big stage?

What is greatness?

The concept of greatness may be defined by a clear and perceivable advantage a person, place or object may possess in comparison to others of a similar type. The term ‘greatness,’ however might mean different things to different people.

True greatness is distinguished by service and humility. Your path to greatness will be marked by your ability to discover and establish your niche in your world.

Greatness starts with having the mindset of the ‘great.’ Remember, He who lives in you is greater than he who lives in the world (1John 4:4). So if the ‘greater’ One lives in you, the least you can be is ‘great!’ I challenge you to seek and understand the greatness of God’s power – the same available to Christ – for and in us who believe (Ephesians 1:19).2010_fifa_world_cup_football_stadium-t2

On the path to discovering greatness, focus on the following:

1. Your strength(s)?

If you were told it was impossible to fail, what would you attempt to do with your strengths and assets? You may need to conduct a self-assessment at this point. This is to evaluate what you focus on and consciously attend to. If you are typically drained of energy and vitality, perhaps you are spending precious time on your weaknesses and liabilities. One thing you should flee from is trying to be ‘who’ you are not. In other words, be the best you can be. Don’t attempt to be like another man. If you do, the best you will be is an imitation – a second best.

Further, be aware that some people may have an undue expectation of what and who you should be. We are peculiar beings with different genetic codes. Be yourself. Apart from God awareness, self-awareness is the next best exercise you can engage in. Know thyself. Understand your strengths – spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, material etc. Your greatest strength lies in your understanding of who you are in Christ and the power He has made available to you in Him.

2. Your weaknesses?

Underlying most traits of weakness is anxiety, fear, negative coping strategies, pain-avoidance, and inordinate pleasure-approach. As you attempt to harness your strength, your weaknesses will seek to undermine you. Recognise that some of your weaknesses may reside in your ‘blindside.’ Locate a genuine significant other that you can be accountable to (e.g., a mentor), and receive feedback from such individual.

3. Where and from who do you receive most compliments?

Who are the significant people in your life? In which area of achievement have these people showered you with well-deserved compliments? If you receive commendations in several areas, are these areas complementary? If the areas are not interdependent, which one is (or are) meaningful to you? Then, this is the way to go! Indeed, you may have the ability to do quite a number of things well, but you will only move towards greatness doing what is personally meaningful, relevant, and fulfilling to you.

4. What problem do you enjoy solving?

What problems do you solve for people? How important and relevant are these solutions? Are you solving problems for a thousand people; or for the one person who is in charge of a thousand people? Do you enjoy what you currently are engaged in? Although, understand that there are times you need to do some things you may not ‘enjoy’ temporarily, to launch you into what you enjoy. Joy breeds strength (Psalm 28:7). Harnessed strength leads to greatness.

…to be continued.

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