Are you ready to step on to the big stage? [contd.]

In the last post, I addressed four key points you need to consider as you prepare to step on to the big stage.

Indeed, true greatness is distinguished by service and humility. Your path to greatness will be marked by your ability to discover and establish your niche in your world.

Below is a quick recap of the first four points:

  1. Your strengths?
  2. Your weaknesses?
  3. Where and from who do you receive most compliments?
  4. What problem do you enjoy solving?

5. What can you attempt to do differently, faster, cheaper or better?

You may need to extrapolate and rearrange ideas. Build on the ideas and insights of the greats that have gone before you. Learn from their wisdom and their mistakes. This might be a prerequisite to discovering your

6. What risks are you willing to take? What price are you willing to pay?

In his book, ‘Take The Risk,’ Dr Ben Carson provocatively stated that at times instead of asking ourselves the question ‘Why risk?’, an empowering question might be ‘Why not risk?’ Anyone unwilling to step out of the boat and into the water, out of his/her comfort zone, ready to test the limits and push the envelope is destined to live far below their God-given capacity. Ben goes to say he uses the following four simple questions to analyse a risky situation in other to make a reasoned decision. These questions are:

a. What is the best thing that can happen if I do this?

b. What is the worst thing that can happen if I do this?

c. What is the best thing that can happen if I don’t do this?

d. What is the worst thing that can happen if I don’t do this?

In addition, I will add, ‘how difficult will it be to recover from a worse case scenario?’ In other words, facing a possible worse case scenario, how easy will it be to bounce back? Are you willing to take the risk to be great? Are you prepared to pay the necessary price? It is said, ‘The good is the enemy of the best.’ What ‘good’ are you willing to sacrifice to have the best? Have you given yourself the permission to be great? As a man thinks in his heart, so is he (Proverbs 23:7). Think in ‘great’ terms. Think like the Greats. Greatness is within the reach of every man. The price and the risks involved might make it further though.

7. What time do you have?

Recognise that you have a finite time to achieve whatever God has destined you to accomplish on this side of eternity. Frankly, how do you spend your time? What do you spend your time doing? Show me what you invest your time in, and I’ll show you the kind of harvest you should expect.

Remember, greatness is a process. It is not a destination.

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